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A complete and proven software solution for Government RFP response and proposal generation.

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Meridian RFP AnalysisMeridian
RFP Analysis

Provides quick and accurate results regardless of RFP complexity. It allows you to move forward in the response process with confidence and assurance that requirements are identified, quantified and fulfilled in your proposal response.

“ We have found that it saves over seventy-five percent in time, and with higher efficiency than manually “shredding" multiple documents! ”
Meridian RFP Analysis

Deliver Winning Proposals

Make proposal management easy with the right tools for responding to complex government RFPs.

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Meridian RFP AnalysisMeridian Teams
Proposal Center

Successful proposals are based on close coordination and teamwork. Meridian provides the ideal framework to develop and maintain a culture of cooperation, openness and shared objectives for all your stakeholders in the business of winning more business!

“ We continue to identify opportunities to use Meridian beyond RFP analysis; this is a great product! ”
Meridian Teams Proposal Center

The hub to develop successful proposals

Meridian for Proposal Teams smooths out the procedures by giving Proposal Managers the tools they need to keep the schedule moving towards a successful delivery while providing the all-important subject matter experts with the ability to contribute in a timely and friendly way to the overall proposal effort.

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