Gold Support Contracts - Details and Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited Technical Support via Telephone

Users may call for support Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 6pm EST. These are technical issues encountered, and does not include user training assistance. Support Number (888)-249-8161.

Unlimited Technical Support via Email

Users may email XRSolutions for support at and receive a reply within 4 hours during regular business hours.

Updates to Software

All clients who have purchased Gold Support are eligible to receive, at no additional charge, patches, updates and full version upgrades of the software during the Maintenance period.

On-Demand Downloads

All users covered under the Gold Support will be notified via email of the availability of new software downloads and will be able to immediately access the file from our support site.

Documentation Updates

As new features are released, documentation may be revised periodically. Users with Gold Support will have the option to download the latest documentation for their software from our support site. The updated documentation may include new tutorials highlighting new functionality, or updated content for newly implemented features.

Ongoing Gold Support Webinars (Lunchinars)

One-way webinars are regularly run for 45 minutes – an hour, several times a month. These sessions run as a series and are then repeated. Access to the Online Tutorials is available ongoing, as well.

Enhancement Requests

Enhancement requests made by users covered under the Annual Maintenance will be given first consideration during the ongoing development of licensed software.

Option to Beta Test new products

Users with Maintenance Contracts will be considered for "first round" Beta Testing of new XRSolutions developed software versions, and new products.

Ongoing Support

Unless notified by XRSolutions in writing, optional Annual Gold Support contracts purchased beyond the first year continue with the same benefits as above.