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Customer Success Story

About Navigator Development Group, Inc.

Navigator Development Group Inc., offers a diversified portfolio of services—including quality analyses, lifecycle management processes, and systems integration solutions, to the Department of Defense and other organizations in commercial and international markets. The company recruits highly capable military and civilian specialists, and engages with partner companies, who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of defense programs, to meet the demanding customer requirements for each project. Navigator’s array of experience covers areas such as consulting, research and analysis, staff augmentation, training, programmatic support, joint combat development and global management services. Navigator maintains a keen interest in performing the mission critical tasks that will support Warfighters and their missions. The company is a privately-held, service-disabled, veteran-owned business with disabled veterans representing 42% of its workforce.

The Challenge

As an early adopter of proposal automation technology, Navigator has successfully used Meridian for RFP Analysis to quickly analyze RFPs and other complex requests for information. Navigator continues to realize the time-savings related to the automated identification all bid requirements and the automated production of proposal documents that help accelerate the proposal team’s response process. Navigator’s recent challenges were related to pre-bid and contract management. First, related to the bid/no bid decision making process, the company sought a solution to more effectively assess the availability of talent and other resources required to deliver an outstanding solution to the customer. Second, with respect the contract compliance, the Navigator team sought efficiency in its internal review of contract compliance for projects underway.

The Solution: Meridian for RFP Analysis

For the process-oriented Navigator team, applying Meridian’s capabilities to other business requirements was a logical and transparent opportunity that could help ensure the quality of Navigator’s customer deliverables. Patrick King, Vice President of Operations at Navigator cites the following Meriden for RFP Analysis features and benefits as most valuable:

  • Quickly identifies proposal requirements. "On a large solicitation, Meridian for RFP Analysis dramatically accelerates shredding an RFP. For a recent 120 page RFP, it took me a little over a day to isolate and identify all requirements with Meridian."
  • Customized storyboard templates support specific processes and bid opportunities. "I can output storyboards using our Meridian template set up for Shipley storyboards—outputting storyboards into Shipley proposal development worksheets is very helpful."
  • Microsoft Office output enables creative applications. "I now use Meridian output to produce custom Capability Assessments forms to evaluate if Navigator team members possess capabilities in each of the major components of the task order."
  • Compliance matrix capabilities help define quality metrics. “Increasingly, the Government is requesting that the vendor determine the quality measurements used to measure contract performance. With the addition of a few columns, the Meridian-generated Compliance Matrix helps us identify the items that should be included as quality metrics to demonstrate the quality of performance on our solution."
  • Time savings for a competitive advantage. "Capture managers across the company send me documents to shred. They know that what might take them a week to process, with Meridian, I can turn it around in a day."

The Results

"We continue to identify opportunities to use Meridian beyond RFP Analysis. For example, in response to task orders, Meridian helps us identify which subcontractors have the necessary expertise and past performance for a selected task order opportunity. Within 20 minutes, we use Meridian to extract the high-level requirements from the Word document, drop the requirements into a table, and export the table to an Excel spreadsheet. With additional data collection cells, we use the spreadsheet to identify the expertise level of all interested subcontractors. Meridian helps us show the capture manager how the Navigator team is positioned to win and deliver upon the task order."

"We discovered that Meridian for RFP Analysis is a useful post-Win proposal shredding tool to ensure contract compliance—just like it is a good RFP shredding tool to ensure proposal submission compliance. In response to a request from a contract officer, a Navigator project manager sought to deliver a comprehensive report outlining our deliverables. I ran our proposal through Meridian and created a comprehensive list of 'promises' we made to the Government if they hired us to perform the work. Our project manager used that as a table with Requirement, Paragraph/Location, Responsible POC [point of contact], and Frequency columns to ensure we met all the major and minor tasks of our own design."

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